Opinion Poll: Appeal for advancing Information Technology in Manipur
Please read the following letter to Shri Pramod Mahajan
and Shri W. Nipamacha and submit your opinion.
This letter will be sent along with your name in the list of signatores.
Your opinion is very crucial and might just make the difference for Manipur.

Macks Singh Ningombam

Pramod Mahajan 
Hon'ble Information Technology Minister 
Government Of India 
New Delhi - India 

CC: W. Nipamacha Singh, Hon'ble Chief Minister, Government Of Manipur. India.

Subject: Call for the establishment of Information Technology 
              (IT) Park and IT Institute in Manipur. 
 Dear Sir, 

We are a group of Indians who would like to urge you the urgent need for establishing an Information Technology Park in Manipur along with an IT Institute. It is our utmost pleasure to bring to your kind notice that many of us are qualified and experienced IT Professionals who are willing to give 100% efforts in this venture. 

Manipur is lacking behind other Indian states in many aspects. We see Information Technology as the solution that will bridge this gap. If we do not start immediately for Manipur, it might become too late. The establishment of an IT park will help the educated youths in harnessing their potentials and drive entrepreneurial enterprises in the state. 

India is viewed as a Super power in IT around the globe, and it will really provide a symbiotic association of Manipur with the rest of the country through the field of IT. The potentials among Manipuri youths are boundless while the opportunites are limited.We hope that you will help Manipur in taking this first big, yet very crucial, step

Yours faithfully,
Macks Singh Ningombam 

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