Ibotombi's comment on Dingko's Success:

               I couldn't help!! but to share my view about Dingkos's success and
               altogether the sport in Manipur. I have a few cut-outs from the news
               sections too at the end of this -none too long- paragraph.

               As Dingko punched his opponents showing a splendid performance on his
               way to achieve his (goal) gold in the Bangkok Asiad, there was a huge
               web of appreciation of the star boxer and a big 'punch' to
               Ministry of Sports, Govt of India from all section all over India. Is
               there any Manipuri who wouldn't feel to be at home to join the
               celebration of Dingko's success? One thing about the Manipuris, if I
               have to tell, is every Manipuri has the spirit of game in any kind of
               sport. One must notice how the people of Manipur love sports like
               anything -anybody does anything whatever he/she can for sports- to put it
               plainly. For example, I have seen even our own women vendors in the
               market giving fruits like banana, oranges to our Manipuri players so
               lovingly that they give blessings with their hands. It's really
               fascinating to see, at the end of or during the Holy, the number of
               marathon runners and helpers -ordinary passers by or local people-
               giving ices, water, toffees and like. And some of them are sometimes
               are so young that they even don't know how far they have to run.
               Everybody cheers to any kind of sport. Sometimes the spirit of game
               takes the people to such an extent that they do not sleep whole night
               just to see the world cup football or olympic hockey semi-final when
               Nilakamal, Thoiba and like were playing with their hearts out.
                 It is rare to see the 'sport-culture' in any other country or rest of India
               that has rooted to the very hearts of the people of Manipur.
               The culture of charity shows, tambola games, seeking money from the
               office goers just to send some players abroad, or set up a tournament
               are the few examples. The point is that everybody does
               everything however small for the sake of sports. But how far we can
               push our sports and players to reach the international level in these
               fashion is the question. The answer is not simple.