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                                                                                                                         November 20, 1998
Justice M.N. Venkatachaliah
Honorable Chairman
National Human Rights Commission
9 Sardar Patel Bhawan
Parliament Street
New Delhi 110001, INDIA


     *The International Secretariat has been informed of the alleged sexual
     abuse of three young boys by a member of the 17 Rajputana Rifles of the
     Indian army in the isolated North Eastern State of Manipur.*

    * According to the information received, on 22 July 1998, three boys
     Phanjoubam Boboy (age 7), Khunumayum Joychandra (age 9) and
     Samjetsabam Joykumar (age 10), were sexually abused by an
     unidentified man in military clothing, as they were walking home around
     3:30 pm. The three boys aforementioned had gone fishing in a stream
     with five elder boys, on the side of Tabokpi Chingmai, about 500 meters
     from the village of Andro Loupauchum Leikai (where they come from),
     Imphal East District, Manipur. A 17 RR camp is stationed on top of the
     Chingmai hill.*

Dear Sir:

The human rights violation in Manipur by the Indian Army has been increasing day by day in spite of the appeals from various organisations including Amnesty International and other local and International Human Rights Groups.  We, THE INTERNET MANIPURIS living outside Manipur,  are so disturbed and heart-broken with the continuous reports of horrendous human rights violations by the army and police to the people of this small state: child abuse, sexual abuse, rape of women in front of their children and husband, killing of innocent people, and on and on, under the umbrella of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act.  Please imagine, if we are so distressed just by reading the atrocities, what will be the actual mental and physical conditions of the victims, their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, wives, husbands, relatives, friends, and the local population who are facing the army everyday.  It is estimated that there are 30 army personals for every Manipuri in the state.

INDIA: UNLAWFUL KILLINGS IN MANIPUR: Amnesty International, April 8, 1997.

*The Indian government is allowing its security forces to unlawfully kill civilians, including women and children, and suspectedmembers of armed opposition groups in Manipur, north-east India, Amnesty International said today.*

 *In a report released today, the human rights organization details a pattern of killings, many of them deliberate and arbitrary. It calls on the Indian government to review the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958, which gives the armed forces widespread powers to shoot to kill and protects them from prosecution for any acts carried out under its provisions.*

 *The Indian government has used restrictions on access to hide the serious human rights situation in the north-east region,* Amnesty International said. *This has resulted in a climate being created in which the security forces are able to use excessiveforce with impunity.*

INDIA: OFFICIAL SANCTIONS FOR KILLINGS IN MANIPUR: Amnesty International, April 1997.  The killing of Ms Oinam Ongbi Amina Devi (25) and injury to her baby Abem.

*On the morning of 5 April 1996, three vehicles carrying around 13 members of the CRPF entered the village of Naorem Mayai Leikai in Bishnupur district of Manipur. The CRPF personnel caught sight of a man riding a bicycle. Believing him to be a member of an armed opposition group, they shouted to him to stop. As the man got off his bicycle and ran away, the CRPF personnel began to chase him, shooting at him. The cyclist ran towards the house of Naorem Modon whose daughter, Oinam Ongbi Amina Devi, was weaving with her younger sister and four children. CRPF personnel surrounded the house and continued firing.*

*On hearing shots, Amina Devi put her one-and-a-half-year-old baby on her back and went to the door of the house to try and lock it. As she was doing this, a bullet passed through the house and hit Amina, killing her instantly. A further bullet passed through Amina's body and lodged in the body of her baby, Abem.*

*In response to protests, the Government of Manipur appointed a Commission of Inquiry to look into the causes and circumstances surrounding the death of Amina Devi. In July 1996 the Commission of Inquiry found that the CRPF personnel had opened fired indiscriminately at her house resulting in her death.*

-It is our obligation as Manipuris and Manipur lovers to let you aware of our deep concern and sympathy for those sufferings at the hands of the Indian army, the land of Gandhi and of non-violence, as one used to call. This letter is also in response to *Action Request* from The Human Rights Actions Network on *CHILD CONCERN, IND 240898.CC*.  Your urgent intervention is utmost.


(The Internet Association for the Promotion of Manipuri History, Art, Culture, Tradition and Literature: A group of Cyber Manipuris and non-Manipuris around the globe who genuinely love Manipur)

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