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History: Scripts Related to the History Of Manipur
Irabat: The renaissance man Irabat and Social and Cultural awakening of Manipur By prof. Nilakanta
Imphal And world War-II An eassy on Imphal During the Second World War
Nupi-Lan A Beautiful Essay on Nupi-lan by Ibotombi Longjam
Meidingu Senbi Kiyaamba  Compiled and sent by P.Lalit
Sagol-Kanjei-I  (THE MANIPURI PONY POLO) Compiled and sent by P.Lalit
Sagol-Kanjei-II  (POLO: How It is Played in Manipur?) Compiled and sent by O.Somorendra
A brief History(PUWARI) of Meitei  P.Lalit
The Chronicle Of Meitei Kings K.C Tensuba(1993)
Life And Culture of Tangkhul   P.Lalit

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