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Players of Manipuri origin playing in 4th National Football League (senior)

Salgaokar, Panjim: Dharamjit
East Bengal, Calcutta: Ratan, Sanaton, Bijen, and Renedy
Churchill Brothers, Margaon: Mahesh, Bitan, and Somatai Saiza
Mohan Bagan, Calcautta: Lolendro, James, Khentang Paite, and Noren
FC Cochin, Cochin: Gunabir, Kiran Khonsai,L. Suresh, Noel Wilson
Mahindra and Mahindra, Mumbai: Surmani
Indian Telephone Industries, Bangalore: Khogen, Rajesh, and Cadid Maring
Border Security Force: Kameshwor, Mobi, Ranjit, and Boy

This list doesn't include the players who are currently playing in the second division National Football League

The following is the list of Manipuri Players showing their respective clubs at the end of Season Transfers 1999: New gives the incoming players in the respective clubs with the previous clubs in brackets, while Left shows the players who have left the clubs with the new clubs to which they have shifted, in brackets. This list, however, doesn't show the players who have retained in the same club.

Salgaocar SC, Goa:

New: Harichandra Singh (Manipur), Dharamjit Singh (Manipur), Momocha Singh (Manipur)
Left: Khelendro Kumar Singh (Churchill Brothers),

East Bengal Club, Calcutta:

New: Sanaton Singh (Dempo SC), Sanjeeb Kumar Singh (State Bank of India, Patna),

Churchill Brothers, Goa:

New: Khelendro Singh (Salgaocar SC),

MohunBagan AC, Calcutta:

New: Lukram James Singh (BMFC), Wang Khupher Kom (Manipur), Kiran Kumar Singh (Manipur), Noren Singh (Manipur), Itocha Singh (Dempo)

FC Kochin, Kochi:

New: L Suresh (UBC), NK Dilip (UBC), Gunabir Singh (Mohammedan Sporting Club), Kiran Khongsai (Mohammedan Sporting), Tejinder Kumar (Dempo SC),

Mahindra&Mahindra, Mumbai:

New: Surmani Singh (Dempo SC)
Left: Rolangpong Kabui (Air India),

Dempo Sports Club, Panjim

Left: Surmani Singh (Mahindra&Mahindra), Rajesh Meetei (Indian Telephone Industries), Braja Mohan Singh (ITI), Sanaton Singh (East Bengal Club), Itocha Singh (Mohun Bagan AC),

Indian Telephone Industries, Bangalore:

New: Rajesh Meetei (Dempo SC), Braja Mohan Singh (Dempo), Khogen Singh (Air India),

Air India, Mumbai:

New: Rolangpong Kabui (M&M), Bungo Singh (Manipur), Tomba Singh (Manipur),
Left: Khogen Singh (Indian Telephone Industries), Surmani Singh,

Bengal Mumbai Football Club, Mumbai:

Left: Lukram James Singh (Mohun Bagan)

Mohammedan Sporting Club - Calcutta:

New: Khangembam Inaocha Singh (SSU, Manipur), Ngangbam Jenendra Kumar Singh (Tiddim Road, Manipur),
Left: Gunabir Singh (FC Kochin), Kiran Khongsai (FC Kochin),

United Bangalore Football Club, B'lore

Left: L Suresh (FC Kochin), NK Dilip