Let us live together peacefully
                              Rev.Luai Chin Thang - Paite

It is extremely important for us to live together peacefully because of the following reasons:

1. Everything we do to each other will bounce back to us. If we do something bad and wrong to each other, sooner or later it will bounce back to the doer. We will surely reap the fruits of our treatment of others. If it is good we will reap peace and joy. If it is bad, we will reap misery. This must be true because it is taught by all religions.

2. We all want to live a peaceful and happy life. You will attain this if you yourself give this to others. If you are the cause of fear and sadness to others, there is no chance for you to experience peace and happiness. Instead, you too will experience fear and sadness.

3. For development. we live in a very undeveloped part of  the world. The developed nations know that we are undeveloped. But they do not want to offend us, therefore instead of calling us undeveloped, they coin another
more outwardly pleasing word, which is "Developing". They call us developing nations, by which they actually mean, "undeveloped nation". Without peace there can be no development. Without peace, economy goes down rapidly. There is no production, and what is needed for development goes towards unnecessary defense.

4.Fate, (if you do not want to say 'God') has put us together in the same region. We cannot avoid each other. The best and wisest thing is to learn to love each other and to live together in harmony. Hatred and war brings only misery on both sides without any profit for either side.

5. Our cultures, languages and religions may be different. That is the design of the almighty. No gardener plants only one type of flower in the garden. No artist uses only one color. No band party uses only one type of musical instrument. Our differences are the almighty's decorations of His creation. The almighty is offended when one tries to do away with another that is different from Him.

6. Though we are of different religions, all religions teach its followers to live in love, peace and harmony with all men. No religion  teaches its followers to hate and to kill. Moreover, all religions teach that there is a reward and a punishment for each and every actions of a person. Good actions will be rewarded, bad actions will be punished. Fearing and loving God, and practicing our own religious should make us live together in harmony.

7. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. We may be stronger, the winner; but the Almighty will one day give a fitting reply. He is the defender of the defenseless, and the punisher of those who break peace and perpetrate violence.

     Therefore, promote peace and harmony for your own welfare, for the development of the state, and for your own peaceful existence both now and hereafter.