Phd. Student
Poona University

MEITEI AND MANIPURI are the synonymous terms in Manipuri vocabulary.
Meitei refers to the name of the original valley inhabitants of
Manipur. Among all different communities, Meiteis are the majority and whose language is the only channel of communication amongst different ethnic groups in the state. And, in the Indian literature too, both the state inhabitants and the state language are known as Manipuri. Therefore, sometimes, this majority ethnic group, the Meiteis, are mistaken or misunderstood as the only Manipuris. For our better understanding there was no such group of people known as Manipuri in the history of Manipur or elsewhere in the world. The concept of Manipuri refers to both the state language [Meiteilon] and the state people irrespective of Meiteis, Kukis, Nagas and others born in Manipur. In this manner, Meitei is Meitei, Naga is Naga, Kuki is Kuki and so on. The Manipuri literature, Manipuri dance, Manipuri language etc. are the constitutional reference terms which are meant for all items of the Manipuri soil.