- P.Arjun
                                    Poona University,India.

High need for achievement motivation is the only power of success among Manipuri youths. If an individual has high need for achievement motivation he will be definitely successful in his actions of life. A psychologist, McClelland, 1961, wrote a thesis titled “An Achieving Society”. In this thesis, he emphasized the achievement motivation of an individual as the very important set of psychic dispositions to act in certain ways in the formulation process of one’s social personality and its development. A sociologist, Talcott Parsons, 1951, says,’—achievement is a modern value which refers to the performance of an individual which is opposite to his quality of ascribed position and status in a given situation.’

From a research work which was focussing on the political modernization and modern attitudinal trends among the post-graduate students of Manipur university, 1996, 55.6% of the students had this set of psychic-dispositions while other 28.2% students just enjoyed the ascriptive qualities. At the same time, 16.3% of the students were undergoing the transitional trends i.e.  they believe in both ascribed and achieved qualities and results.  From this higher rate of achievement motivation among these students, we can further generate a presumption about these youngsters that they are having higher motivation for achievement.  Amidst many social turmoil, chaos, mal-administration of the public institutions, misappropriate facilities and even every moment’s life threats from bullets of anti & pro social elements, Manipuri youths could do many impossible challenges very possibly.

So what is the secret power of success among Manipuri Youths? It is only the strong or high need for achievement motivation or in other words, it is the willpower of Manipuri youths to face the hurdles against one’s action of life. For example, the recent 13th Asiad boxing champ Mr. Dingko succeeded his fighting only with his willpower to knock out his opponents and his eagerness to snatch the gold medal. We are proud of him. He was the Asian Hero with least food, training, guidance, family support and even official encouragement. With his (MANIPURI) ego, blood, psychic, temper, high need for achievement motivation Mr Dingko became THE ASIAD BOXING CHAMP.

OUR ONLY RESOURCES ARE HUMAN RESOURCES & POTENTIALS. We do not have natural resoures, competitive markets, public or private companies and industries which could offer works or jobs to our people. So how could we have to survive our lives? The only answer is LET US EXPLOIT OUR HUMAN POTENTIALS COMPLETELY AND POSITIVELY. LET US WORK SINCERELY. LET US DEDICATE OUR POTENTIALS TO THE SERVICE OF OUR SOCIETY.

Let us see this following co-relation between people’s working population and the current expenditure of a person. According to 1991 census, 7,58,204 population (7.58 lacs) were earning out of a 18,26,714 total population. Out of this small portion of working population, only around  2.5 lacs were doing govt. or semi-govt. jobs and the remainig are manual workers or cultivators. Could we call this process of change as the process of development? Yes, new fashions, motor bikes, cars, and new attitudes are increased or could be found among our young people now-a-days comparatively more frequently than the previous 5 years.

So what next?