Minutes of IMA Committee Meeting March 1999.
Minutes of the International Committee Meeting of Ima held on 12th March 1999 at 9 A.M. at the residence of A. Chitreswar Sharma, Secretary Social Welfare and Literature, Imphal, Manipur, India. The President, IMA, presided over the meeting.

Members Present:
1. F. Dhirendra Kumar Singh Vice Presiedent
2. S. Debrabarta Sharma        - - do
3. H. Falguni Singh       - - do
4. K. Gourahari Singh       - - do
5. Th. Gambhir Singh Protocol Secretary
6. M. Mohen  - do
7. A. Chitreswar Sharma   Secretary Social Welfare and Literature
8. Dhiraj Yumnam  Publicity Secretary
9. Dr. Ch. Shanti Devi Secretary women
10. Mrs. F. Shanatona Executive Member
11. S. Kishorekumar Singh Nominee member
12. S. Chandramani Singh   - - do

At the outset of the meeting the Chairman welcomed all the members present in the meeting and express deep happiness for the holding of such an International Committee meeting of IMA at Imphal, India. Later, the following points/agenda were discussed and adopted unanimously

1. Form of Application for Membership: The model of form of application for membership presented by the Secretary General before the Committee is approved. It is also resolved that this prescribed form should be made available from the International Secretariate of IMA to all Country/Local committees.

2. Cost of the Form of Application for Membership: The form of application for membership will be charged (US dollar) $1 along with a copy of Constitution of IMA at free of cost.

3. Formation of Country committee in Bangladesh: The formation of Country Committee of IMA in Bangladesh Constituted by 19 (nineteen) members as per resolution of a meeting held on 1st May 1998 at 3 PM in the premises of Hatkhola Govt. Primary School Chitlia, Moulvi, Bangladesh is approved.

4. Size of Country/Local Committee of IMA: It is resolved that the size of the country or local committee of IMA may be any number of members but less than the total number of members in the International Committee of IMA.

5. Contribution of Fune: Any fund raised by country/local Committee may retain 60% of the total sum collected for local fund of the committee and the remaining 40% of the same shall be depostited to International Committee.

6. Annual/Periodical Work Program: Secretary General of IMA is assigned to prepare a concrete annual or periodical work programme of the association for smooth functioning. The same should be placed before the Committee for approval.

Thus the meeting ended with thanks from the Chair.


K. Tejmani Sharma

President, IMA