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               1. Introduction:

               The only historic organization of the Manipuri people in the globe. The
               International Manipuri Association - IMA. Affirming that it is our
               served duty to safeguard protect and defend this constitution of the
               will of the Manipuri people so that we may prosper in freedom and may
               make our full contribution towards international peace and cooperation
               in keeping with the progressive aspirations of mankind.  The IMA will be
               a socio culture, literary, sport attended for the global Manipuri people
               and it should be completely non political organization. It will look
               sharply for economic emancipation of the Manipuri people specially
               cottage oriented traditional activities.

               With the object in view the fundamental as well as democratic ideas can
               be reflected through that constitution which containing 30 (Thirty two)
               Articles. Which materialize the hope and aspiration of the Manipuri
               people all over the world.

               2. Article-5 Aim and objective of the Constitution:

               A. To unite all Manipuri people living separately in various countries
               of the world.
               B. To promote Manipuri art, culture and tradition.
               C. To promote Manipuri language, and literature.
               D. To promote traditional Manipuri sports like Shagol Kangjei, Kang,
               Mukna, etc.
               E. To maintain communal Harmony among all the people irrespective of
               their sect, religion, and believe.
               F. To support Manipuri students for their Higher education and better
               career promotion.
               G. To support all humanitarian activities.
               H. To support and maintain United nations declaration of Human Rights.
               I. To exchange cultural view among all other community.
               J. To obey and honor all constitutional laws as well as other laws and
               order of all countries.
               K. To promote economic upliftment of the Manipuri people.
               L. To popularize the traditional handloom and handicraft of Manipur.
               M. To hold consciousness rising activities through seminar, symposium and
               N. To aware health care.
               O. To conscious with up to date information.
               P. To exist and consider for needy people.

               3. International Committee of the IMA:

               (i) Chairperson:                        Tejmani Sharma (Imphal, Manipur, India)
               (ii) Vice Chairpersons:              F. Dhirendra Kumar (Sylhet, Bangladesh)
                                                               S. Debabrata Sharma (Imphal, Manipur)
                                                               H. Phalguni (Moulavibazaar, Bangladesh)
                                                               N. Niranjan Datta (Tripura, India)
                                                               K. Gourahari Sharma (Imphal, India)

               (iii) General Secretary:               S. Anilchandra Singha (New York, USA)

               (iv) Additional Gen. Sec.:           S. Lori Devi (Imphal, India)

               (v) Finance Secretary:                Dr. Dilip K. Elangbam (Danville, PA, USA)

               (vi) Protocol Secretaries:            M. Mohen (Sylhet, Bangladesh)
                                                                Th. Gambir Singh (Imphal, India)

               (vii) Publicity Secretary:              Dhiraj Yumnam (Imphal, India), etc.

               (ix) Secretary Social Welfare
                     Literacy:                             A. Chitreshar Sharma (Imphal, India)

               (x) Secretary for Youth             Th. Pratap Chandra Singha (Moulabibazar, Bangladesh)

               [A detailed constitution may be obtained from the Secretary by mailing
               to the IMA office at New York, USA].

               4. The First IMA Convention at Sylhet, Bangladesh (Sunday, 15 March  1998):

               Dear Sir/Madam:

                       Greetings and best wishes to you.  We hope this letter finds you in the
               best of healths.

                       The need for a Non-Political International Body of Manipuris living in
               different parts of the world has been long felt. Apart from our original
               homeland of Manipur, we have fairly large settlements in Assam and
               Tripura in India, and various districts of Bangladesh and Myanmar. Among
               the newer generations, we have Manipuris living in various Asian
               countries, America and Europe.

                       Irrespective of where we live, our ties with our tradition and social
               values have always remained intact. We are aware of the fact that
               Manipuris live in different parts of the world and would love to have
               contacts and ties with each other. We have always wanted to know how
               Manipuris live in different parts of the world and wished to have a
               common platform where we can come together to address various issues of
               culture, cooperation, tradition and all other aspects of life.

                       To address these issues we proposed a convention to establish an
               International Body named the International Manipuri Association. We
               proposed to hold this convention at Sylhet Auditorium, Sylhet,
               Bangladesh on 15 March, 1998.

                       You are requested to attend this convention and be a part of this
               historic moment. If you cannot for any reason attend this convention,
               please give us your full cooperation so that the intended purpose of
               setting up this body is served.

               Yours Sincerely,

               S. Anil Chandra Singha
               General Secretary

               5. IMA BRANCHES:

               In the 1st IMA convention at Sylhet on 15 March, 1998, several dignities
               from Imphal and USA  attended along with enthusiastic members from Bangla
               desh. Manipuri Cultural shows were performed by the Bangladesh Manipuri
               Jubo Samiti Cultural Troupe and The Manipur Kala Kendra, Imphal in the
               evening session.  The next venue of the IMA convention was suggested
               tentatively at Rangoon by Manipuris settled in various states of
               Myanmar. Imphal is also a lightly venue for the convention.

               The Board of Executives decided to open up local branches at different
               countries at Manipur, Assam, Tripura, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Middle East,
               USA, etc.

               6. COMMITTEE:

               A. There will be one international committee and in every Manipuri
               location there will be a local committee. More than one committee may
               form as per necessity.

               B. There will be an advisory committee of unlimited distinguished person
               from every country and from some Manipuri location.

               C. The duration of the International committee will be for two years and
               country/local committee will be for 5 years.

               7. THE MANIPURI PEOPLE:

                The Manipuri Meiteis belongs to the General Category.
                They are neither Scheduled Castes nor Scheduled Tribes.
                The Manipuri  language (also known as Meitei language or Meiteilon) is
                recognised as one  the 18 official languages of India.

                In addition to Manipur, the original  homeland of the Manipuri nation,
                there are fairly large settlements in  Assam, Meghalaya and Tripura in India,
                and various districts of  Bangladesh (mainly in Sylhet and Dhaka)
                and Myanmar (Mandalay, Rangoon, etc.).
                In Myanmar, Manipuris are also called Kathe or Ponna.
                Manipuris are best recognised by outsiders for their exceptional skills in
                cottage industry and by the quality of their handloom and handicraft products;
                as the inventors of Modern Polo (Horse hockey or Sagol Kangjei);
                by the beautiful and delicate Manipuri Classical Dance - the
                Ras Lila; and the Meitei cosmology, Lai-Haraoba Dance Rituals.


               General Secretary,
               S. Anil Chandra Singha
               136-04 Cherry Avenue, Apt. #61,
               Flushing, New York 11355, USA
               Phone 718-762-7542

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